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Owner Financed Mortgage Notes

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We Purchase Mortgage Notes

Sold your home, carried back the mortgage, and now you need a lump sum of cash?  We can help.  We are national buyers of Owner Financed Mortgage Notes backed by single family residences, multi-family residences, apartments, mobile homes, and more.  Contact Us.  You could be just a few short days away from having the capital you need and deserve.

Structured Settlement Cash Outs

Are you an injured party that is receiving monthly payments from a Structured Settlement?  Do you now find you are in need of a lump sum of cash?  If so, we can help.  We are national buyers of all types of annuities including structured settlements.  Contact us today to receive a “top dollar” quote on your structured settlement.

Inheritance Advance

Are the beneficiary of an inheritance from an estate that is tied up in the probate courts?  Do you need emergency cash now?  Then what you need is an Inheritance Advance and we are nationwide providers of cash advances on pending inheritances.   

Gaming Awards

Lotteries and Gaming Awards are typically annuity-styled winnings from a casino or state lottery which are paid in periodic installments rather than as a LUMP SUM award.   At $$BusinessName$$, we can provide holders of such annuities with a Lump Sum Cash Out which can be used for virtually any purpose.

Legal Settlement Advance

Often, claimant parties in personal injury legal cases have serious difficulty meeting month to month expenses when case complexity leads to a lengthy period of time before a settlement is reached and an award granted.  One of the most powerful financial tools available to assist plaintiffs and plaintiff attorneys in such instances is known as a Legal Settlement Advance

Fast Cash...When You Need It Most!

Contact us to get the Lump Sum Cash you need and deserve. Use your lump sum cash to pay off credit cards and bills...pay for unforeseen medical expenses...pay back taxes...pay for retraining due to job loss...take advantage of a unique investment opportunity...pay for legal expenses or divorce...purchase a new home or update an older residence...take a once in a lifetime exotic vacation...financially assist your children in today's difficult economy...purchase a new vehicle.
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