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The business of note brokering is the cornerstone and the entry point to what is known as The Cash Flow Industry.  Unlike their cash flow consultant brethren, however, note brokers tend to be singularly focused on one product and one product only, owner carry-back mortgage notes, and do not delve into the many other product areas of the cash flow industry.

Owner financing, where the seller of a property holds the mortgage rather than a bank or institutional lender, is relatively common in real estate transactions.  By holding mortgage paper, sellers can enjoy higher rates of return on investment than they can typically receive by investing the proceeds of a sale in savings accounts or certificates of deposit at banks. On occasion, however, mortgage note holders need to liquidate their notes due to unforeseen circumstances.  It is the job of the note broker to locate note holders in need of capital and to match them with an appropriate institutional buyer of private mortgage notes.  For their services, the note broker then earns a commission.

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